How Is Ibogaine Success Rate Compares to the Standard Rehab?

In healing addictions, there are several ways to help those who are addicted to things such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, painkillers and still much more. Some of them are those which are included as the standard rehabs such as 12-step programs, the stopping cold-turkey, opiate replacement medications and some others are those considered as the new ones and one of them is using the tabernabthe iboga plant. Is it truly effective? Can a traditional herbal medicine cure addictions? Those are probably some of the questions you make in your mind ibogaine success rate. In order to give you the answer, below will be the discussion.

Statistics have shown that the review for the success rate of the standard rehabilitation for all the forms of addictions by using such as those mentioned above is only 1 to 7 percent that can actually be free from their addiction. Other than that, another shortcoming of the standard rehabilitation is that the costs charged to be able to take them are considered very high, especially for just a short-term stay, which is also what makes his kind of healing process takes a longer time.

Compared to that success rate of the rehabilitation, the success rate of ibogaine has been proven to be about 80-90% success rate in the first month, in a clinic with 29 of the 35 patients who can be completely remaining free from the addictions. In fact, if the Ibogaine is consumed repeatedly for several months, it has a definite chance of increasing the period of abstinence. Even on one research board, with only one intake of ibogaine with a dose of 17-19mg per kg for a couple years, at least 6 of 18 patients can still remain clean and free from their addictions. What is even more surprising is that even some other patients can be healed after only taking the medicine for more than one year, and even more for 3-6 months.