The implantation process of dental implant that the patient should know

It’s better for the patient to know each step of the implantation procedure generally, so the good relationship between the dentist and the patient will be created and the implantation process will be done successfully. The dental implants Salem Oregon wants to share some info with you about the steps that the patient must know about the implantation process of the dental implant.

1st Step The implantation of the implant into the bone

The surgeon will remove the gums tissue and place the fixture into the jawbone. Then the gums will be placed back into its original position and then it will be stitched.

2nd Step The osseointegration period

It takes 5-6 months. The body will adapt to the foreign object (the titanium implant) until the bone has been merged with it.

3rd Step The installation of Abutment

After the osseointegration has been completed, the surgeon will install the abutment to close the gums and support the artificial teeth.

4th step Artificial teeth installation

To be precise, it’s actually the installation of the artificial teeth crowns on the patient’s artificial teeth.