Selective Pallet Rack and Double Deep Pallet Rack

Before we discuss this two type of pallet rack, I suggest for those of you who want to buy a pallet rack, you can choose used pallet racking to minimize your expenses. Selective pallet rack is commonly known as pallet rack that can be customized, this rack pallet rack is probably the shape of the most popular and economical because it provides 100% deposit selectively with height up to 12.8 meters, fully utilize the valuable air space. Selective pallet rack can be changed to suit almost any weight or size of the pallet and can be used with all types of lift trucks.

While the double-deep pallet rack is a derivative of the selective pallet rack, the system requires the use of Double Deep reach truck special or additional equipment mounted on trucks range. While achieving increased capacity by 30% compared to the first system, only 50% of pallets that can be directly accessed. However, this system provides a remarkable method to increase the capacity of the warehouse or if an alternative system is not possible.