Stages of Drug Addicts Rehabilitation Program

There are, at least, four stages of rehabilitation of drug addicts which are usually used in rehabilitation centers for drug addiction like the Drug rehab California. The four stages are as follows:

1. Phase transitions

The emphasis in this phase is the initial information about the victim such as:
– The background of the victims of drug abuse.
– Long dependency.
– The types of drugs used by the addicts, the consequences of dependency, and other information.

This is important so that in time will become a reference for the parties involved intensively in the process of rehabilitation. Competent experts or doctors will analyze the level of dependence of the victim to then determine the level of guidance for the victim, so the methods and therapeutic treatment can be measured.

2. Intensive Phase

This phase, it is called as the process of psychological healing. The motivation and the potential for him are built in this phase. Victims are encouraged to find themselves and all its potential, is also aware of its limitations. That to overcome life’s problems in question does not need to be taking drugs. Drugs, on the contrary, would create new problems are much bigger in his life. Drugs are not the solution but the source of the problem.

3. Phase reconciliation (adjustment)

At this stage, the victims do not directly interact freely with the public but accommodated in a special environment for some period of time until the community members really prepared mentally and spiritually back to the normal environment. This process can include physical and spiritual formation programs. At this stage, the victim is still tied to formal rehabilitation but has begun to familiarize them with the wider community.

4. Maintenance phase further

At this stage, even though the victim has been declared physically and mentally healthy and have recovered, but there is still the possibility of the victim will slip back, the more so when the victim has a problem when it could be that the victims reminisce with drugs. Therefore, every victim who enters this stage prepared in earnest in order to pass through and overcome this precarious situation by passing three points, namely:
– Change, eliminate and avoid things that are nostalgic pleasure drug.
– Faithfully follow the programs and the ways of advanced maintenance.
– Immerse themselves in the movement or group of drugs clean and care for mitigation.