Reason Investment Gold Coins

Since the first gold investment goods used by the public, but once people invest gold only in the form of jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even gold teeth. Now gold investment is more developed with the coins or silver coins and gold bars. Gold bullion or gold coins that are good for investment? Each has advantages and disadvantages as investment goods. There is a view that the gold dinar coin is only used as an investment Muslims. Though true both can be used as an investment by any group irrespective of their beliefs and backgrounds. Visit us on our website to find out other benefits that can you get.

To determine differences in the characteristics of both, let’s talk together about the advantages and drawbacks. This time we will discuss is the gold coin.

Advantages of Gold Coins
– Compared to gold bullion, gold coins are stronger because it has levels of 22 karats. Therefore, when dropped or bumped, gold coins will not be easily scratched. As a result, the selling price is maintained for a smooth condition.

– The gold coins have a single unit so flexible to be traded. Suppose we have a 10 dinar and require funds worth 2 dinars. Then we can sell the 2 dinars, while 8 dinars keeps us safe.

– If sold, the price difference by the time we buy only about 4 percent lower.

– If the mortgage, amounting to 90 percent of the value of the appraiser.

– Agent is obligated to buy back the coins dinar dinars from its client if the client wanted to sell the coin.

– Got a certificate of the National Accreditation Committee and the London Bullion Market Association that apply internationally.

– Special for Muslims, investment coins dinar means running the Islamic Shari’a. Additionally, these coins can be used as a wedding dowry.

Gold Coins Shortage
– Subjected to a 10 percent value-added tax for gold coins including jewelry category.

– Less popular among the people. Most gold shops did not even want to buy because it is not familiar with gold coins. Even if you want, the price is lower than the price in gold coin dealer.

– Only sold in certain places, hard to find in the gold shops.

– Considered only be used by Muslims. Whereas investment gold coins can be done by anyone.