How to Train Your Golden Retriever to Be Obedient

Do you want your Golden Retriever to obey all your commands? Here some of the tips on how to train obedience to your Golden Retriever.

– Decide what you want to teach

The process to train the obedience of your Golden Retriever consists of training the dog how to do a variety of things to respond to verbal command or hand gesture from you. Basic commands like “sit”, “come here”, “release” and “silence” is important to help you control your dog and ensure safety. However, there are many other commands that you can teach like “shake,” “roll over”, “jump” or “talk”. Most of these skills are taught with the basic method based on the same remuneration which is to capture and to persuade, otherwise known as a method of capturing and offline.

– Use the luring method to teach how to sit

In doing this method, you have to make sure that you break up the exercises described here in a few short sessions that run for several days. With treats in hand, stretch your arms forward so that the puppy can smell it, and then lift your hand up and toward the back of his head. While his eyes follow you and head up to the top, golden puppy, you will automatically be seated. As soon as the dog sits, say “yes” or sound the clicker and give the food reward. Do this until the dog can be persuaded to sit down with ease. Now try the same thing, but without any food in your hand. Say “sit” and move your hands toward the back of his head. Give him food as soon as the dog sits. After that, when you have mastered a Golden Retriever to sit using gestures of your hands, you have to train it again by stepping back and using the same hand gestures from a distance while saying “sit”. At last, you can say “sit” without any hand gesture and give rewards on your dog when obeying your command.