This is the ultimate ‘win-win “procedure!

Having fat stores in some parts of the body certainly not attractive to look at and you may be annoyed by this one thing. You see parts of your body is not proportional and intend to return the zoom Michele A Shermak MD, so you need the help of a specialist. Dr. Michele A Shermak MD provides a solution to you, the process is safe and satisfactory results. If you have problems with body proportions, you can use the transfer service usually accumulate fat in the hips, abdomen, thighs and waist. This procedure uses a win-win system with fat transfer to certain parts of the body so as to achieve impressive results without the cuts that stand out.

you have good health and have a desire to remove the fat in certain body parts, then you can perform these procedures, especially those of you who do not want to wear the implant because it thinks that the risk is very large. In the recovery process, the fat transfer faster than with other processes. Surgery is performed with the patient guarantees only outpatient care without having to stay, total healing period only takes a week while do the heavy activity besides work and when they are swollen, it only takes less than one month.